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PostSubject: cigarettes   Sat Jul 26, 2008 6:08 pm

There was an idea.

but befroe the idea I share this

Image hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.comImage hosted by servimg.com

then there was something on the mutual agreement with a friens

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

It has begun from this
We were sitting in a car with my brother and were laughing at the names of the cigatrettes.
The reason was in the fact that we were passing by a big commercial board with a GLAMOUR cigarettes for women and under the adverticement there was a sight that smoking can seriousely damage your health

So we started joking that you don't have to call cigarettes "GLAMOUR" for the girl smokes 'em and thinks it's cool ...but she smokes - it is better to call them thus - "lung cancer", or "rotten teeth", or "lungs whole", or "breast cancer", or "sweat pore" eyes out died or at least "DEATH" cigarettes...I heard there are such cigarettes
and there was a supposition that producers should draw a half rotten lady of 21 on the pack.

So I came up to the idea to make it this sort of dicussion here
Let's make up different names for cigarettes like this


May the Force Be With You!
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