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 If you have troubles with profile

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Admin - your Sith and Jedi Master
Admin - your Sith and Jedi Master

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PostSubject: If you have troubles with profile   Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:41 pm

I make this topic just to help myself if someone here has a trouble with anything.
Write here

As far as I understood there something happened and some people do not see their profiles.

Yesterday I had changed couple of things in design of the forum but only because some keys were not showing. Maybe that is the same with seeing your profiles.

I have an announcement to make here
I pledge to delete only very obsolete profiles - not used by those who created them and only if they are concidered obsolete - as if not used at all in two or three years.

Active users who have a lot of posts here are in the group of those who will never be deleted. That is why ask everything if you have got troubles.
I will do my best to change things.

I ask for forgivenes if there is something wrong working in advance - want You all to feel comfortable here.

I am waiting for your comments here to know if everything fine or there is something wrong.
I will take measures right after I read it.

Yout admin
Mikomi Jade


May the Force Be With You!
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If you have troubles with profile
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