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 "All I Really Need To Know" game

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PostSubject: "All I Really Need To Know" game   Wed Jul 18, 2007 3:09 pm

ok! a bit of prehistory to figure it out for everyone why is that game called so:
in 1988 Robert Fulgrum published a popular book called "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten: Uncomon Thoughts of Common Things". In it he gives a list of simple rules that are taught in the kindergarten. Just simple rules that are usefull through all of their lives....but forgatable. The thing is that this idea didn't stop on that only book he wrote. THe poster came out with the name "All I really Need To Know I Learned From the Star Treck" and some more of the ideas were also published.

Now the game rules:

You have to figure out something to give as many things you could have learned from as possible.....

that can be a book, place, person ....even your pet.

Try more than five rules to post.

And one more thing - you have to say only about one thing (or person) to be learning from ONLY ONE, not two or more.

And you can not say that it was cool or that was awesome or what you liked in the thing you are talking about. ONLY the things and rules you could learn ouf of it.

to continue in further replies you can pick up some other things, persons and etc. But the Rule is

"one thread answer - one thing (person) to be learning from"

to give you the idea on how to do that I will make a start of the game on my own:


All I Really Need To Know I Leaned from the book of Scott Orson Card - Ender's Game"

1. I learned that even evil people can make something good.
2. There are no causes of war but the only one - and that is totall misunderstanding of the aims and desires of the opposite side.
3. you cannot destroy someone if you do not know this someone perfectly.
4. Children are the most inteligent people in the universe because their mind is allways open.
5. to be a good leader you must be alone.
6. life is unjust.
7. you can kill others even if you think you are playing.
8. relativity laws work strangly.
9. you can love even the unexpected perosn and be loved by the greatest enemy.
10. Love is care. And to care of the person is to make him hurt sometimes.
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"All I Really Need To Know" game
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