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 Tell Me, Why?

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PostSubject: Tell Me, Why?   Tell Me, Why? Icon_minitimeTue Jul 17, 2007 10:11 pm

Tell Me, Why?

Tell me, why
My heart lies?
Tell me these words
That you are to hide inside.
Grace is not mine -
I'm a blind (who) believes in the light,
Wondering here in the night.

Make me cry!
Say good bye!
Hold my pain!
Make me feel in vain!

Give me time
With this rhyme,
Sing with me
When I need your help;
Kiss me, my love,
When I long...is this crime?
Kiss me with pain I should miss!

And I'm falling,
And I'm dying now!
And I'm dying -
And I'm crying my pain...

That is why
My heart lies,
Telling me
Things I don't believe.

Thus (is) the way
Of my prayer -
My gentle wish
That I hold on to all of my life,
I whisper at night:
"Lord, I need your eyes,
I'm calling you home from the rise!"
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Tell Me, Why?
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