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 "Takeshi's new song" ---------Continue the story E

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PostSubject: "Takeshi's new song" ---------Continue the story E   Thu Jul 05, 2007 2:20 pm

Takeshi was sitting at his piano and gazed into the blank paper. He thought of something beautifull to write and was trying to do that for couple of times during this fresh night. he picked up the pencil and knocked it on the piano than tried to write the line.
"I will keep this memory alife for you
Tell me only one thing, little May Eve.
Will you .........."
Then there was no idea!
He got up and started walking around the room.
He picked up the pack of cigarettes and lightened one. A dim smoke rose in the air and a very good scent of tobaco filled his lungs and the room..............
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"Takeshi's new song" ---------Continue the story E
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